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Code of Ethics

As a responsible corporation, we recognize the need for wise, efficient and productive urban land use. To achieve this, it is essential that governments, communities and industry work together. As land use and development professionals, we will use our professional knowledge and expertise to further the enhancement of the land and the advancement of the quality of life of all who live on it. We ascribe to the following:

Respect for the Public - We will endeavor to enhance the public’s understanding of the development process to preserve their trust in the development profession and to protect their welfare.

Respect for the Community - We will strive to provide quality housing and facilities, acknowledging that development plays an important role in directing communities. We recognize that development needs to be responsible.

Respect for the Land - Each parcel of land is a precious, distinct and irreplaceable. We will treat the land with the respect that it deserves, recognizing that we will be judged by the integrity and permanence of our developments, which will last generations.

Respect for the Larger Environment - We will promote development that recognizes economic stability and that respects the imperative of preserving a lasting, sustaining habitat for humanity.

Respect for Future Generations - As a member of the Institute, we will foster dialogue with governments, the public and industry in order to work towards realistic solutions to our communities’ needs. We recognize that an important part of this will be planning for long-term, balanced growth which will leave a proud legacy for the future. We are committed to establishing a comprehensive and reasonable framework to establish policies that anticipate the needs of future generations.

Respect for the Consumer - We will ensure the professional quality of our enterprise, recognizing that a good reputation is priceless and that the quality of our product will determine the quality of our reputation.

Respect for Others in the Development Profession - We will treat others in the development industry fairly and honestly. We will share our knowledge and experience, recognizing that both the people and the land will benefit from the dissemination of that knowledge.

Respect for Professionalism - We will support the Institute’s continuing efforts to create a wider understanding of sound land use and development principles and practices through its research and educational programs. We will seek to continually maintain and improve professional skills and competence.

Respect for Free Enterprise - We support the free enterprise system, believing that it provides the widest latitude for equality of opportunity, creativity, and innovation.

Respect for Personal Integrity - We will exercise the highest ethical principles and will observe the highest standards of integrity, proficiency, and honesty in professional dealings. We will exercise due diligence in ensuring that our performance is at all times creatively, competently, and responsibly managed.